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Aeronautical Engineer Trainee

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Date of last connection: 2015-11-23
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Mr. Fi... An...
3080-032 Figueira Da Foz

Prepared job(s): : OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, Alverca, Portugal.


School: Universidade da Beira Interior 6201-001 Covilhã

Education level: Master Degree 5th year
Master Degree
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : < -5
Last diploma : Master Degree
Current educational level : < -5
Prepared job(s): : OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, Alverca, Portugal.
-Technical Documentation Analysis of Manufacturer, -Translation and Standardization of Maintenance Protocols in accordance with Manufacturer's Maintenance Manuals in order to assist and guide the work of aeronautical maintenance technicians.
Duration of the internship: 1 month
Beginning of the internship: Summer
0000-00-00 0000-00-00
Full-time No
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : Matlab, Solidworks, Catia V5, Abaqus, Cam Analyzer, Engine Analyzer, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office 2013.

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences :

Languages :
English : Advanced
French : Native
Portuguese : Native

Cover letter

To Whom it May
Concern,I was born on November 10th 1991 in a small village called Moutier
in Berna area in Switzerland.

I have recently
competed my Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at University of Beira
Interior (UBI) and I am looking forward for an opportunity to perform a
professional internship abroad with such a prestigious company as yours that
will allow me to consolidate my knowledge and apply it in real work

I have been given an
"Erasmus +" scholarship for an European internship.

Born in Switzerland I
have moved to Portugal with 7 years old and I had to adapt myself to a new
environment. Since little boy I have learned the importance of adaptability and
communication and I truly believe that I can help the company achieving their
goals. I have done some summer internships in Portugal and in abroad in which I
have discovered the areas I prefer to work on as well as acquired some know-how
that I intend to develop for the benefit of your company's goals, always
overcoming any difficulty. I can describe myself as a practical but
perfectionist, easy going and simple person that likes challenges. My favourite
subjects are: propulsion, aeronautics, mechanics, maintenance, materials, safety
and reliability.

I also feel at ease in
working as a team since I played football for 10 years and more recently
participated in academic activities that allowed me to strengthen my
perspective of the importance of team work, respect for each other and
discipline, always with my team’s goals in mind.

Thank you.


2014 TRAINEESHIP IN MRO OF AIRCRAFT ENGINES AND COMPONENTS OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, Alverca, Portugal.-Technical Documentation Analysis of Manufacturer,-Translation and Standardization of Maintenance Protocols in accordance with Manufacturer's Maintenance Manuals in order to assist and guide the work of aeronautical maintenance technicians.
2013TRAINEESHIP IN METERING GEAR PUMPSPOMTAVA, Reconvilier, Switzerland. -Technical Traineeship: production control from the preparation in the technical office until the final product is ready to be used by the customers, -R & D Traineeship: study the development of an emulsifier air / solvent mixture whose aim was to reduce the weight of the component and reduce the amount of wasted liquid solvent. This study had success and the piece went to market production, -Mechanical Traineeship: Finishing parts and quality control series, -Laboratory Traineeship: Tests on a test bench whose aim was to avoid the internal losses of different fluid flow rates, temperatures and engine rotational speeds for the development of a new range of gear pumps.
2012 TRAINEESHIP IN AUTOMOBILE MECHANICSFALCÂO E CALDEIRA – Reparação automóvel, Lda, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.-Maintenance and repairing of motor vehicles.
2011TRAINEESHIP IN PART 145 ENTERPRISEAEROTÉCNICA LDA, GRUPO 7 AIR, Tires, Portugal.-Technical Assistant of aircraft maintenance,-Engine Overhaul,-Analysis of maintenance procedures,-Optimization of maintenance procedures,-Manufacturing and usage of local tools,-Tool Design.
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Les derniers stagiaires

• Stagiaire pour Stage dans un cabinet d’avocats ou d’affaires en France. Je parle couramment la langue française et aussi la langue portugaise. Actuellement, je réside à Lisbonne, mais je garde mon appartement en région parisienne, donc je peux me déplacer très facilement partout en Europe.

School: ECOLE DE DROIT São Paulo Actuellement en Cours de Comptabilité Je suis Avocat, je suis formé en Droit au Brésil. Je suis le cours de Comptabilité dans une université brésilienne (en mode e-learning). En même temps, je suis le cours de gestion dans une université portugaise (en mode e-learning)

(91840 Soisy-sur-École Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de AGENT D'EXPLOITATION



• Stagiaire pour Stage d'Assistante de Gestion PME PMI

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(78390 Bois d'Arcy Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de traduction (français, espagnol, portugais)

School: Université Paris IV Paris-Sorbonne Paris 75000 Licence Langues Etrangères Appliquées Traduction, interprétariat

(75009 Paris 09 Opera Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de remise à niveau en Pharmacie d'Officine (non rémunéré)

School: Faculté de Pharmacie Université de Lisbonne Lisboa 1649-003 Pharmacie

(57300 Hagondange Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Architectural Designer, Architectural Model Maker

School: School of Communication, Architecture, Arts and Technologies of the Information - Lusófona University Lisbon - Portugal 1749-024 Master Junior Architect, Architectural Assistant, Architectural Designer - Revit, Rhinoceros, Architectural Model Maker

(93340 Le Raincy Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage en Comptabilité

School: Institut de Formation Bancaire Porto 4049 • Socio- Culturelle :Publicité, Feuille de Calcul • Scientifique : Organisation , Analyse de l`information et Probabilités, Géométrie et Trigonométrie • Technologique: Droit Bancaire, Fiscalité, Moyens de Paiement, Comptabilité, Comptabilité Bancaire, Calcul Financier

(1870 Monthey Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de Architecture

School: Architecture Covilha 6200 Architecture Architecture Dessinateur Projecteur

(1815 Clarens Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de Design communication publicité marketing

School: Escola Superior de Educação de Santarém Santarém Design, publicite, marketing

(1205 Genève Ch )

• Stagiaire pour Aeronautical Engineer Trainee

School: Universidade da Beira Interior Covilhã 6201-001 Master Degree OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, Alverca, Portugal.

(3080-032 Figueira da Foz Pt )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de kinésithérapie en corse du sud

School: Ufp Porto 4200-150 Bonjour, en 3 eme année de kinésitherapeute au portugal, je cherche un stage de perfectionnement en France. le stage peut etre rémunéré ou non, dans n'importe quelles structures (hopital, maison de retraite, libéral)

(20100 Sartene Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de Traduction Français>Portugais

School: Université de Brasília UnB Brasília-DF 70910-900 Licence Français Langue Étrangère Licence Portugais Langue Étrangère Actuellement je prépare un Master Professionnelle de Traduction et Edition Critique et j'aimerais exercer l'activité de traductrice dans le futur.

(59110 La Madeleine Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de agent de montage et de câblage en électronique

School: Portugal Matosinhos porto Agent de montage et de câblage en électronique

(75015 Paris Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stagiaire Erasmus + en Paris extrêmement motivé cherche opportunité

School: Universidade da Beira Interior Covilhã Covilhã 6201-001 Master in Architecture: Thesis- Actuellement, je fais des recherches et développe ma thèse de maîtrise sur un thème qui couvre "les méthodes de représentation 2D et 3D avec application dans les concours d'architecture" DEBUTANT

(91230 Montgeron Fr )

• Stagiaire pour Stage de technicien de laboratoire d'analyses médicales

School: École Supérieure de Santé Jean Piaget Gaia 4405-678 Licence 3 Technicien de laboratoire d'analyses médicales.

(95300 Pontoise Fr )

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